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November Press Kit Graphic (1)

California DECA November Online Press Kit

Message From the President By Emily Zhang, State President This November, your state officers had the incredible opportunity to host the Western Region Leadership Conference in Anaheim, where members learned to tell their story and hone their leadership skills in everyday life. With multiple mock conferences and chapter visits lined up for the coming month, […]

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October Press Kit Graphic (1)

California DECA October Online Press Kit

Message From the President By Emily Zhang, State President This October, the State Officer Team has been traveling around California, visiting BASIS Independent and Amador Valley for chapter visits to discuss DECA’s many opportunities and help out with a mock conference. We also strengthened California DECA’s relationship with the National Association of Women Business Owners […]

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September Online Press Kit (2)

California DECA September Online Press Kit

Message From the President By Emily Zhang, State President The DECA season is officially in full swing, and your state officers have been hard at work to ensure a fruitful and successful year. From our first Presidents Council of the year, to the first Public Forum ever, we’re so glad to have been able to […]

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August Online Press Kit (1)

California DECA August Online Press Kit

Message From the President By Emily Zhang, State President School is officially around the corner, and with it comes the exhilarating potential for a killer DECA year. To ensure your success, the officer team has been planning for chapter visits, Presidents Council, and the upcoming conferences. We can’t wait to see you there, and we […]

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California DECA July Press Kit

Message From the President By Emily Zhang, State President This month, your state officers spent a weekend in Chicago at the Emerging Leader Summit learning leadership and project management strategies, as well as networking with other association officers. We had a great time sharing ideas, and we can’t wait to apply what we learned to […]

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California DECA June Press Kit

Message From the President By Emily Zhang, State President It’s bittersweet. The last month of the DECA year is full of celebration: celebration of the year’s competitive successes, newly developed friendships, and unforgettable memories. But also, it’s time to say goodbye to the 2017-2018 season. Whether you’re a new member, graduating senior, advisor, or supporter, […]

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California DECA in Atlanta – A Truly #Limitless ICDC

This past April 21st through 24th, California DECA had an incredible time at DECA, Inc.’s 2018 International Career Development Conference, marking a #Limitless end to another extremely successful year. ICDC was the pinnacle of the 2017-2018 DECA year, with over 19,000 members from across the world convening in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia to compete against, network […]

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2018 NorCal DAT Applications Now Open

California DECA and the NorCal District Action Team are excited to announce that applications are now being accepted to join the 2018 NorCal DAT. The District Action Team Candidate Guide can be downloaded HERE, and applications can be submitted HERE until March 26, 2018. Prospective candidates with any questions are encouraged to contact NorCal DAT Advisor, […]

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SCDC 2018 Social Media Challenge

SCDC is here, and California DECA is excited to introduce our #SCDC2018 Social Media Challenge! This year, we are dividing chapters into teams led by a state officer; assignments are posted on California DECA social media accounts, as well as below. Post as many photos as you can on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and the […]

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California DECA February Press Kit

Message From the President With the 2018 State Career Development Conference right around the corner, the state officer team is reluctantly saying its last goodbyes. Team 67 is thankful for a year filled with incredible members, experiences, and learning opportunities, and we await with bated breath for what Team 68 accomplishes for this organization. Team […]

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Finding Your Inner Leader

Everyone knows that DECA is a business organization. From the various competitive conferences, it’s clear that students are equipped with real-world skills and trained for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. But did you know that DECA also strongly emphasizes leadership development? That’s right! A key component in DECA’s mission statement is to “prepare […]

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January Press Kit Featured

California DECA January Press Kit

California DECA January Newsletter Message From the President DECA season is in full swing, and the state officer team is incredibly proud of all the hard work and energy from the chapters at district conferences. The biggest focuses for the coming weeks are relentlessly fighting for more support and funding with CTE advocacy month and […]

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District CDC Recaps

California DECA officially began the 2018 competition season with the Silicon Valley CDC (January 5-7) and the Northern and Southern California CDCs (January 12-14). Over 1,900 members attended the conferences for a weekend of networking, competitive events, and unforgettable memories. Silicon Valley Career Development Conference This year’s SVCDC brought excitement and stress and everything in […]

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California DECA December Press Kit

Message From the President With regionals right around the corner, the state officer team worked to put the final touches on the conferences in January. The DECA season is just about to begin, and now it is time for the countless hours of training and hard work to pay off at District CDCs. Your state […]

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Jasmine-Run for Office

“Why I Ran for Office”

The opportunity to run for state office is one of a lifetime. As potential officers begin their candidacies for state office, we wanted to reflect on the reasons Team 67 chose to serve California DECA. Below is a response given by Jasmine Tong-Seely, Vice President of Communications. Through my first two years in DECA, I […]

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District CDCs in 1, 2, 3!

As 2017 begins, it’s not only the start of a new year… it’s also the start of the DECA competitive season! Our District Career Development Conferences are looming right around the corner, and we are excited for you all to attend! These conferences will be held in their respective districts: Silicon Valley – January 5-7, […]

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CA Happy Holidays Featured Image

Happy Holidays from California DECA

Happy holidays from California DECA! Your state officers are wishing you a safe, fun, and blessed holiday season. As you study for your final exams, we want to remind you to take time to appreciate your family, friends, and DECA chapter! Team 67 would like to thank the members, chapters, advisors, and staff of California […]

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WRLC 2017 Featured


In beautiful Phoenix Arizona, the state officer team attended the 2017 Western Region Leadership Development conference and had an absolute blast networking, developing as leaders, and enjoying all that Phoenix had to offer. The three-day conference began on November 16th and lasted until closing session on November 18th. Filled with inspirational speakers and invaluable leadership […]

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Nov Press Kit Featured

California DECA November Press Kit

California DECA November Newsletter Message From the President November was an extremely exciting month for the state officer team as district conference registration was collected and competition training kicked into high gear. Through competition outlines and mini-conferences, the state officer team made sure to provide the most support possible for upcoming competition in January. With […]

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Why I Love DECA

For several thousand members across California, DECA is more than just a ‘high school organization.’  In honor of this year’s DECA month, we wanted to highlight just how impactful DECA is by asking Cindy Guo, Vice President of Silicon Valley, one simple question: Why do you love DECA?  Written in a letter format, the article […]

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CA DECA District LDC Featured Image

California DECA NorCal & SoCal LDC Recaps

This October, California DECA hosted two leadership conferences for its members: the Northern California LDC and the Southern California LDC. The day-long conferences provided members with valuable leadership training through interactive activities and presentations. California DECA is excited to enter the conference season and share a #Limitless year ahead with all of its members! NORTHERN […]

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October Press Kit Featured Image

California DECA October Press Kit

California DECA October Newsletter Message From the President The State Officer Team started the conference season with a bang, helping facilitate the Northern California and Southern California Leadership Development Conferences! This conference was just a taste of the great things to come this year, and we hope to fill the remainder of 2017 with plenty […]

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2017-2018 NorCal District Action Team

This year, Northern California DECA has a District Action Team for the first time in half a decade. The team consists of: President – Christopher Kusumonegoro VP of Hospitality – Georgia Higgins VP of Leadership -Mihira Patel VP of Career Development – Ananya Veeraragavan VP of Marketing – Praveen Ravisankar VP of Finance – Valorie Low […]

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Download the New Chapter Resources Guide

The California DECA State Officer Team is extremely proud to announce the release of this year’s Chapter Resource Guide! The guide is a culmination of resources created and sourced by the State Officer Team to help members and their chapter start the DECA year off on the right foot. Be sure to take full advantage of the various resources, from tips […]

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September Press Kit

California DECA September Press Kit

California DECA September Newsletter Message From the President With exciting events like the NorCal and SoCal LDC up ahead, the state officer team has been working to establish connections with officers and advisors across the state. From presenting at the California Advisor Conference to contacting numerous student leaders, the state officer team is thrilled to […]

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Fundraising Tips for Chapters

Fundraising. Oh that dreaded word. Shivers are crawling down your spine as it echoes in your head. Fundraising isn’t that scary or concerning as it seems to be. Raising funds for field trips, activities, and conferences can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some awesome fundraising tips and […]

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Back to School? #BackToDECA

Ahhh, you’re sitting on the beach, drinking that refreshing coconut, and there’s a nice tropical breeze. *RING* *RING* *RING*. Oh drats, it’s the alarm and while your dream of that tropical paradise is over, your dream for #DECAGlass is still as real as ever. And it’s totally achievable too, in fact, now is the best time […]

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California DECA August Press Kit

California DECA August Newsletter Message From the President With the start of the school year for many schools, the state officer team worked to begin implementing the plans we’d been working on throughout the summer. From competition materials to an upcoming chapter packet, the state officer team is excited to help chapters recruit new members […]

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Advisor Professional Development Webinars

Calling all advisors! We are excited to announce that California DECA will once again be providing three California DECA Webinars; the first of which will be next Wednesday, October 4.  Each is free and open to all.  We believe they will be a great opportunity to expand your DECA knowledge and better understand how to […]

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Tips for Time Management

When we first entered state office, the first thing our coach said was: “three things come before DECA: faith, family, and school. Keep this in mind as you continue through your DECA and high school journey.” With that in mind, here are seven tips to help you balance DECA and school: Be wise about choosing […]

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July Press Kit featured image

California DECA July Press Kit

California DECA July Newsletter Message From the President This month, the state officer team had the opportunity at ELS to network with other association officer teams and exchange valuable insights about creative the most memorable DECA experience for our members.  With the school year starting just around the corner, the team is working to finish […]

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The Art of Networking

In our last blog post about DECA ELS, one of the highlights of our conference experience was the chance for us to expand our network. Through networking, we were able to develop friendships with members and association officers throughout the world, hear their DECA stories, and even form ship names with several associations: #Calitario and […]

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2017 DECA Emerging Leader Summit: Recapping an Unforgettable Experience

Your California DECA state officers attended DECA’s Emerging Leadership Summit from July 9-11 in Washington D.C. Here, the team learned to host workshops, tell their stories, and be an effective leader who serves others. Additionally, they rode the metro to the DECA Inc. HQ and advocated at the Capitol, all while bonding with officers from […]

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California DECA June Press Kit

California DECA June Newsletter Message From the President With the DECA school year over, June was a time for the officer team to step back and evaluate the year so far. Despite hectic schedules, the team worked to further flesh out plans for the coming year, including a chapter handbook and improved competition materials. In […]

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2016: A Year to Remember

This past year represented one of the greatest years for California DECA with grand achievements and milestones. Starting off, the year saw the amazing leadership of California DECA’s Team 66, consisting of Moksh Jawa, Lenexa Gonsalves, Joel Beckwith, Yash Desai, Wenhan Fang, and Christopher Carlsen. Under Team 66, California DECA saw nearly 4,500 members over […]

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5 Things to Do This Summer of DECA

All around the state, school bells are ringing, signifying the end of the 2016-2017 school year. While many students rejoice at a summer free of tests and early starts, there are those who worry, “but what about DECA?” Thankfully, there is good news! Just because school may be out, DECA does not have to do […]

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DECA End-of-the-Year Chapter Banquets

As the 2016-2017 DECA season drew to a close, countless chapters across the state hosted their own chapter banquets to recognize their competitive and leadership accomplishments of the year.  The California DECA State Officer Team was extremely humbled to receive invitations to numerous banquets and was eager to celebrate the year’s successes alongside members. Team 67 […]

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May Press Kit

California’s DECA May Newsletter Message From the President May, or better known as the month of post-ICDC blues, was a time for end-of-the-year celebration and planning for the oncoming DECA year. This month, the state officer team had the honor of being invited to various end-of-the-year banquets, and we were incredibly impressed by the accomplishments […]

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Recap: Team 67 Takes Sacramento for 2017-2018 Strategic Planning

This month, your California DECA State Officers gathered in the lovely city of Sacramento for a strategic planning retreat. In Sacramento, home to the state Capitol, Team 67 met with legislators to advance the future of CTE, met with the California DECA Board of Directors, and planned their Program of Leadership for the new year ahead. In […]

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Team 67’s Program of Leadership Overview

From David Xu, State President: Your 2017-18 California DECA State Officer Team is incredibly excited to showcase their plans and aspirations for the coming year. Team 67 will strive to accomplish more than ever in the various subsections of the Program of Leadership, emphasizing communication and support for all chapters. The Program of Leadership will […]

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California DECA Owned The Future at ICDC

DECA Inc.’s 2017 International Career Development Conference was held in our home state of California, in the beautiful city of Anaheim from April 26-29.   As the culmination of the 2016-2017 competitive season, over 19,000 DECA members traveled from various states, countries, and provinces to meet and compete with the best of the best. With […]

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Gov Brown’s Budget Proposal Eliminating DECA and other CTE/CTSO funding

California DECA released the following statement regarding Gov. Brown’s Budget Proposal: California Business Education Teachers and Students React to Governor Brown’s Budget Proposal Eliminating DECA, Future Farmers of America and other CTE/CTSO Funding May 15, 2017 — In his 2017-18 State Budget released earlier in the year, Governor Brown proposed the complete elimination of funding […]

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April Press Kit Featured Image

April Press Kit

California DECA April Newsletter Message From the President This was an incredibly busy month for not just the State Officer Team, but all of California DECA. We all owned our future at ICDC in Anaheim, with California once again proving our competitive excellence with 80 finalists, 50 Top 10 finishes, and 14 trophies! From riding […]

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March Press Kit

The California DECA March Press Kit Message from the President This has been a hectic yet joyful month for the entire State Officer Team. From being elected to starting work as a team, it has been a month of getting ready for the year ahead. At our welcome retreat in Irvine, we worked closely with […]

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New State Officers Announced

Congratulations to the newly elected members of California DECA’s Team 67!   State President David Xu, Foothill High School [email protected]   Vice President of Communications Jasmine Tong-Seely, Irvington High School [email protected]   Vice President of Public Relations Ashton Lam, Amador Valley High School [email protected]   Vice President of Northern California Christopher Kusumonegoro, Castro Valley High School […]

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SCDC Social Media Challenge

The SCDC Social Media Challenge is here! Who will take home the eternal glory of being crowned the kings and queens of social media? Remember to check California DECA’s social media accounts @CaliforniaDECA to find team assignments. Team Challenges Must be completed with members from your Social Media Team: Selfie with your State Officer Team […]

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Team 66 Annual Report

Dear California DECA Members and Partners: Wow, it has been quite a year! It is with great pleasure that I present California DECA’s 2016-2017 Annual Report. The report includes key information on the State Officer Team’s activities this past year and stories on how California DECA remains a life-changing Career and Technical Student Organization. For […]

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February Press Kit copy

February Press Kit

The California DECA February Press Kit Articles from the Chapters Irvington DECA Hosted by Local Television Segment Kevin Mao, Irvington High School DECA Irvington DECA officers Jasmine Tong-Seely, Kevin Mao, Sam Moturi, and Vishaank Ghai appeared on the Fremont Unified School District’s “Community Conversations” show in light of the organization’s recent success at the Northern California Career Development Conference. Co-hosted […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Get Excited for SCDC 2017

With our 2017 State Career Development Conference just days away, it’s time to get excited to Own Our Futures at the pinnacle California DECA event of the year. Here is a list of 10 things you can look forward to at this year’s SCDC: 1. Competition: It’s no secret that California DECA brings the heat […]

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Irvington DECA Hosted by Local Television Segment

  Fremont, Calif.–January 31, 2017–Irvington DECA officers Jasmine Tong-Seely, Kevin Mao, Sam Moturi, and Vishaank Ghai appeared on the Fremont Unified School District’s “Community Conversations” show in light of the organization’s recent success at the Northern California Career Development Conference. Co-hosted by K.K. Kaneshiro and Fremont Unified School District superintendent Dr. Jim Morris, the show […]

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